5 Tools I Use to Edit my Photos and Plan my Instagram Feed

How do you edit your photos? What apps do you use? How do you plan your feed? I get asked these questions all the time! Just yesterday 3 people approached me with a variation of this question, so I’ve decided that it’s time to create this blog post and share my process with the world!

I use a lot of apps. A typical photo that ends up on my Instagram feed, goes on average through 5 apps. Yes, I know that’s a lot, but because I like to plan my feed ahead of time it doesn’t feel like a difficult process. And every app has its own purpose!

I’m pretty happy with the way my feed looks like right now!

Editing the photos:

Alright, so the first app I normally use is Lightroom. I use Lightroom to make sure that the colours and tones of the image are what I want them to be like. For example, I get rid of yellowish tones, I make sure that the image isn’t too green or too pink and I adjust the warmth of the picture. I also play with the lighting so if it’s too dark or too bright I will adjust it. I will bring out the details where I want them and if the image is warped a little bit, I will make sure to edit that out by telling the app what camera what lens I used. It has a long list of options and does it’s magic accordingly! You’d be surprised on how lenses can deform your image, I was when I first started using this.

I know what you’re thinking: “Hmm, Lightroom, do you use presets?” – yes and no. I have purchased presets from some of my favourite photographers and when I first open a picture I will see how those look on the raw image. No preset will fit your image perfectly really, you will have to go in and adjust the settings yourself anyway, but it does help to keep a cohesive style. Sometimes I will use them and adjust the lighting/colours/temperature on top of the preset, but in other cases, I would adjust the settings myself. I’ve found that there’s no perfect recipe here because every image is different and so you should adapt to that.

Once that process is done, I normally export the image to Snapseed (iOS + Android). There I continue editing the brightness, shadows and the general feel of the image. One of my favourite functions in Snapseed is called Ambience. It is surprisingly powerful and I use it almost on all pictures.

The next stage and the next app is Facetune. You’d be surprised by how powerful Facetune can be: from bringing out details to suppressing them. I normally go into this app to bring out the details on my eyes and any objects that I would like to highlight (for example if I’m promoting something). I also use this app to iron my clothing if it is wrinkled (I’m guilty of not ironing clothes in real life) and to smoothen out other details. I have a rule that I don’t want to hide my potential imperfections, so I don’t make myself look thinner or hide any blemishes. I know that other people can use Facetune to do that, but I want to make sure that it’s the real me on the picture.

Planning the feed

So that’s my standard editing process and once I’m happy with the image, I will save it and upload it to UNUM. That app allows me to see my feed and plan it so that it looks cohesive and fits the aesthetic that I’m going for. If I’m not happy with how the picture looks among others, I might import it back into Lightroom and start the process all over again. This means that I will be editing the photo on top of my previous edits, bringing it closer to what I want it to be in my feed. For example, if it’s too orange or too dark, I’ll adjust those settings in Lightroom and then take it through the other apps if I feel the need to.

Once I’m happy with this photo, I will go into Later app and schedule it along with the caption. I like using this app in particular because it allows you to schedule reminders for yourself to post manually. I don’t want to schedule all of my content for it to be posted automatically and this app allows me to schedule while still posting myself. It simply sends me reminders to post when I have scheduled the post.

So that’s it! That is my process on how I edit and plan my feed. I hope you’ve found this useful if you have any other questions, please ask them in the comments below and I would love to address them in the next posts. Happy influencing!

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