My Equipment: What I use to Create Content for Instagram

Good photos can be taken with your phone, so equipment isn’t everything. But it definitely helps and makes the process easier/more convenient. It took me some time to get the gear that I have now, but I’m very happy with it and won’t upgrade anytime soon! So I’ve decided to list exactly what I use for my solo photoshoots – in case if you find some of it useful!

Disclaimer: I’m using affiliate links below, but these are the actual items that I’m using right now and would recommend because I’m very happy with them 🙂

My main equipment right now:

1. Camera

I am new to DSLR and photography game so after some research on what are the best cameras for beginners, I got Canon Rebel T7i. I love it for multiple reasons: it’s easy to use, it takes great pictures, it has the same WiFi system that my previous camera had and it’s very lightweight! Which means that it’s the perfect entry DSLR and you will get a lot of practice out of it.

Camera Kit

In fact, I got the kit linked to the left: it included the camera with a standard lens, an SD card and a Røde microphone that could be easily attached to the camera. I was recording a lot of YouTube videos at the time and this kit was perfect for vlogging.


Additional Lens – Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

 I don’t know much about photography, but I’m trying to learn! So after watching A LOT of YouTube videos, I’ve decided to buy an additional lens, in fact, this one in particular. It was the best decision ever as it takes incredible pictures with creamy and smooth background (do I sound like I’m a professional already? That’s what all of those videos said haha!).

With the camera that I have, it means that I have to be even further from the subject than normal – as this lens acts like an 80mm lens when attached to my camera (there’s some strange math about it that I don’t understand yet). But it takes great pictures and I couldn’t be happier with it!


2. Microphone

As I’ve mentioned already, I have a Røde microphone. I got introduced to this brand during my times at YouTube and then discovered that it’s the brand of choice for many people who deal with audio one way or another.


3. Tripod

I use 2 tripods that I use based on the need of the place/setting:

1. JOBY GorillaPod (left)

Ideal for travelling and when you have an uneven surface or want to put it on an object. It’s very bendy and I’ve attached it to some very random furniture items before.






2. Sirui T-005X tripod

My recent new baby, it’s very sturdy, easy to use and makes you feel like a real professional haha! I use it most of the time I take pictures at home.



4. Light



Ring Light

These look very fancy and professional, so I kind of always wanted to get one, but I never knew how much I would love it! It lights up your face from different angles and is very powerful. I really feel like the quality of my content has significantly increased once I got this guy!




5. Tripod Accessories

I never knew this was a thing, but yes, I have some add-ons for my tripod!

Quick Release Bracket

It’s a good idea to take your pictures vertically to get those beautiful 4×5 images on Instagram! And this handy little thing helps you to do just that.

I was very confused by how it works at first and why or how I would use it, but now I can’t shoot without it. It’s a quick and easy way to switch between camera angles!



Phone Tripod Holder

Now, this guy comes out whenever I want to take vertical videos on my phone – whether to do livestreams or take some stories. I normally attach it to the GorillaPod tripod and put it on a table in front of me.





So that’s my standard gear right now, I’m very happy with these things as they’ve helped me improve my content quality! There’s always room to grow, however, and it’s all about your creativity and photography skills. You don’t need a fancy camera to produce stunning images!

Please let me know if you’ve found this useful and if you’d like to see more content like this!

Happy Influencing 🙂


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